• Index

    The Recruitment Industry Benchmarking (RIB) Index is a practical, web-based management tool that enables recruitment executives to benchmark their company´s performance against their industry peers on key, industry specific, business measurements.

  • Increase Value

    Recruitment Industry Benchmarking and the RIB Index is a service specifically designed and proven to help its members increase the value of their business.

  • Custom Reports

    RIB is a member-only service, developed specifically for the recruitment industry. Two-tiers of membership are available, each delivering bespoke, fully confidential monthly reports based on members´ own operational information

  • Sector Specific

    Members bespoke reports are provided on an industry wide and – for no extra cost – sector specific basis. Enabling members to clearly identify performance within the market as a whole and against their direct sector competitors.

The Benefits

  • Identifies your business strengths and weaknesses – based on what is happening in the marketplace now!

  • Enables management to focus on these key areas – improving income, profitability and shareholder value

  • Informed strategic decisions can be rapidly implemented – enabling you to drive improved business performance ahead of the competition

  • Helps creates a culture of continuous improvement and stimulates process efficiency – streamlining the business and removing costs

  • Membership makes a powerful statement – both internally and externally – that your company is serious about optimising its performance and ongoing development

  • Provides a vital external measure of business performance and value – a crucial strategic benefit

  • There are no complicated tie-ins with either membership. We simply ask that you provide just three-month’s notice should you wish to leave.

How RIB works 

enabling you to maximise performance

The RIB Index is a web-based benchmarking tool that enables professional recruitment companies to benchmark their performance against their peers. Using key, industry specific business measurements, it is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the recruitment business.

RIB membership provides your recruitment consultancy with true market leading comparisons – vital in the modern business environment – far ahead of anything that internal or informal measurement can provide.


  • In summary

    Each month members input their operational information via our secure website. This information is then processed into bespoke reports which are available to members within a matter of days. The process is completely confidential and is quick and easy to use.

  • RIB Induction

    RIB staff members are always available to answer any questions that members may have and a member of staff will take all new members through a quick and simple induction.

  • Support

    RIB takes all new members through a simple induction process to ensure they can start benefitting from their reports as soon as possible. Ongoing support from industry specialists is also always available to answer questions and for quality control.

  • Members

    Our membership is made up of a broad cross section of the recruitment industry, representing all shapes and sizes of companies. It′s no coincidence however that our members have won numerous awards in the recruitment industry and also in the wider business environment. The knowledge they gain through the RIB Index enables them to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Reports

    The Monthly Index Report benchmarks your performance against other RIB members for the month in question Our Historical Analysis Report charts your performance over a period of time enabling you to see your improvement at a glance

  • Data Analysis

    Identify strengths and weaknesses in your performance based on real information on what is happening in the marketplace, right now. Quickly implement informed strategic decisions to drive improved business performance and meet the challenges of the dynamic recruitment marketplace

Why should I benchmark?